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Madison Hagen, Grower, designer, Lover of flowers. 

Edelweiss Farms is located in Northern Michigan. We are striving to produce 10 months of beautiful florist grade blooms for everyone to enjoy while keeping in mind how our farming practices can impact our environment and our consumers. We choose to use the most effective sustainable options when addressing insect or fungal pressures. Taking into consideration the negative impacts chemicals have on our families when carried into our homes on fresh cut blooms. 

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Madison Hagen

Farm Operations and Floral Design 

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and growing up I took as many opportunities as possible that allowed me to work and play outside no matter the weather. I have also always enjoyed working with my hands, creating something, or beautifying a space. I have had several opportunities to work directly with plants and found peace in the time I spent alone appreciating the benefits plants bring to our lives. 

My motivation to start a cut flower farm was ignited by this overwhelming feeling that I was not living a life that made me happy. Instead, I was always running late and there was never enough time in the day. My kids were growing up fast and I found time for them was getting harder and harder to find. I see this flower farm has a lifestyle change rather than just a career change. I look forward to sharing all my experiences; successes and failures, with my children as they grow. 

My love of fresh cut flowers started in my backyard garden. Simply growing flowers and taking cuttings to make a bouquet for our home or to give as a gift. Gifting flowers has always felt more sincere than anything else I could buy for someone. Having a field of flowers, I grew to share with others is so rewarding!


The name Edelweiss comes from a very familiar source The Sound of Music.  A movie and actress (Julie Andrews) I have loved from a young age. I literally hear the word Edelweiss in my head as if Christopher Plummer is singing. Edelweiss flowers represent devotion and resilience; two terms that I can apply to many aspects of my life. Marriage, childrearing, and work/life balance. Reminding myself everyday through the name of this farm that life requires devotion and resilience to find success and happiness motivates me on the toughest days to keep moving forward and reaching for goals. 


While I have studied, researched, and had experiences in horticultural I know that the challenges of Mother Nature will be numerous, and the learning curve still needs years of experience to flatten out; but I have never looked forward to a challenge as much as I do this one. 


Reap what you sow and hopefully it's a field full of blooms.  

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